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Our Values

The management of KBA Group feel it important to convey to every employee the importance and understanding of conducting our everyday activities at KBA aligned with the "Values". The values are simply the way we wish to go about our work and business interacting with others both internally and externally to the business.

▸ Respect

Respect for yourself is the first fundamental value when going about our daily work. Many people think of respect in the context as respecting "your elders" or respecting people of seniority, however, respect is a much broader concept which begins with oneself and should be given to every individual both within and external to the group. Regardless of the role that individuals play within KBA, respect for people as individual human beings is of the utmost importance with no room for compromise.

Aligned with respect for ourselves and others is the principle of respecting the roles of individuals within the organisation. This involves an appreciation of the tasks that individuals perform, what they need to perform that task from each and every one of us, which may mean information, help, communication or a simple thank you.

▸ Learning

KBA's philosophy is to engender a culture that inspires sharing of knowledge and learning so that individuals are able to achieve their potential. This can be accomplished through company training programs. It can also be achieved through a degree of tolerance and patience when sharing knowledge that at times may have been gained over many years of experience to be passed on to less experienced people. The rewards of seeing individuals achieve their potential far outweigh the effort that it takes, to help them achieve those levels.

▸ Quality

The aim of KBA Group is to produce a high quality product no matter what form of business we are in regardless of whether its plans, buildings, land, services etc. The goal is to achieve recognition that KBA is synonymous with quality. This often takes a great deal of effort and attention to detail to achieve a high level of quality but in a competitive market, where the prices are similar, it's the quality that distinguishes successful companies from the rest.

▸ Performance

It's imperative that the group and every individual within the group performs to their capacity. Performance is imperative for any company's future, and likewise the future of individuals since companies rely absolutely on the performance of everyone within the company. Hence, at KBA every role is important, as is every individual.