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The KBA Group

KBA (Kingston Building Australia) Insurance Repairs is a nationally renowned leader in building insurance projects. KBA is one of the largest, most awarded insurance claim construction groups operating across New Zealand and Australia. Since our beginnings 30 years ago, we have enjoyed 80% growth within the last 6 years. In the 11 years of providing services to our insurance customers, we have completed over 90,000 insurance repair projects. KBA’s values today lie in our ‘people focused culture’, ‘commitment to sustainability’ and ‘innovative methods of construction’, all of which enables us to take on challenging and environmentally complex projects of various scale.

Today, we are resilient and diversified with a large scope of integrated services that span across all phases of the property cycle from acquisition, feasibility analysis and risk mitigation strategies to design, construct and property maintenance. Our services also include the securing of tenants when required. We operate across the commercial, industrial, residential, aged care, education and medical sectors with specialised teams of over 20 technical and management experts. This, together with efficient resource allocation minimises cost, maximises output and delivers enhanced client value every time.

Exceeding expectations through all stages of the claim life

The KBA Insurance Repair Group’s response to repairs, encapsulates our commitment to People, Planet and Performance. Both insurers and property owners can expect a personalised approach with a high level of support and guidance from our team. This is evident in the positive feedback we regularly receive.


“Hi Taylor, I write to thank you so very much for all your wonderful service, help and support through the restoration and repairs to my Parent’s home. You definitely have gone beyond just being a voice at the end of the phone for myself and our Family. You truly have been a wonderful help to me. Nothing was a problem and you followed every single step through to ensure the job was done correctly plus keeping me in the loop the WHOLE way. Once again Taylor, thank you so much for ALL your help and assistance.”

Christine B

“Hi Emma, What a nice surprise. Your gift was unnecessary but much appreciated and a very nice touch. Great customer service from start to finish and Craig turned up on a Sunday to finish it. You don’t see that much anymore. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.”

Geoff S

“I would like to say thank you Emma for the gift. It was a great experience for me to have had such kindness and courtesy when putting in my claim. My last provider was a very bad experience it was with another company. Have made only ever 3 claims in my lifetime. Thank you again for the good service.”

Nerida B

“Incredibly fast response. Very professional repairs to an outstanding quality completion. A quick job once repairs commenced.”

Alec F

“Friendly efficient customer service from beginning to end.”

Barry L

“Our claim was processed with speed and efficiency to our complete satisfaction. All phone conversations with staff were helpful and courteously handled. All trades people did an excellent job, we could not be more pleased.”

Heather M

“The whole sequence was handled in such a professional way that it relieved the stress that we felt of having our home invaded. The assessor was very caring, which made the whole process hassle free. Repairs to the property were well done and on time.”

John R

“Our claim was attended to promptly and we were kept informed throughout the weeks of repair work.”

Narelle C

“Real Estate Agent would like to thank KBA Insurance Repairs for how thorough and professional the building contractor and support staff were and they showed real empathy to the tenant’s situation.”

Ray White Real Estate – Passed on by Insurance Company

“Insured is really happy with KBA Insurance Repairs, she advised they did fantastic work and was overall really with the claim experience and the repairs done.”

Passed on by insurer

“The Insured said she was exceptionally pleased with the way the trades on site conducted themselves, their manners and the workmanship that was carried out. She was also very happy with the way the claim was handled by Taylor at the Office, and was impressed with the speed of the claim / repair cycle, communication from our Office and sequencing of the works.”

Shona E – Passed on by building assessor

“Very happy with new roof, and side veranda covers/screens. Trades all very professional, clean and tidy. Special mention regarding Emma, very nice person to work with, made the job flow very well.”

John H – Passed on by building assessor

“Insured advised he has been very happy with the way you handled the claim (especially taking into consideration his mum). Rod complimented you on many occasions about how organised and pro-active you were and your allocation of the various trades, which he was particularly pleased with.”

Rod K – Passed on by building assessor

“Insured has been pleased with your constant updates, communication and letting her know what was happening next. She was also especially pleased with your allocation of the flooring trade, whom she had used prior, and was very happy with his workmanship.”

Sheree K – Passed on by building assessor

“Insured advised she was so impressed with how helpful you have been and how quickly you have organised the repairs. She has told me a couple of times how lovely you have been on the phone to her.”

Sharon H – Passed on by building assessor